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Super … and Not

At approximately 2:30 on Sunday afternoon, Muri and I were out looking for rugs for our almost-finished kitchen.  The radio announcer was saying that Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial American Holiday, which made us feel, well, pretty unAmerican.  We … Continue reading

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Monday Smiles – 2/4/2013

It has been an odd week and a particularly odd weekend.  Muri and I are having our kitchen redone … new granite counter tops, all new appliances, tile back splash.  It’s something Muri’s wanted to do for quite some time … Continue reading

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The Right Place at the Right Time

I have a friend who has managed a number of very successful companies that were built from the ground up by their owners.   He tells me that very often, these owners are hard to deal with because they think they … Continue reading

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Busy. Useful.

A week ago, my morning email in-basket included a note from my friend, Ron.  Are you available for lunch today?  Innocuous for most people, not for Ron.  Ron is not a man of few words … he is legendary around … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites 2/1/2013

I love sad songs.  When I asked my therapist friend why so many people seem to like sad music, she told me that sad music makes it possible for us to process sadness that we wouldn’t be able to face … Continue reading

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Not Just Talking

In 1959, I was a Freshman at East Haven High School, taking English in the college course.   The major project in Freshman English was a term paper.  If you can believe it, I chose to write on The Basic Characteristics … Continue reading

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Now, It’s Toys

As Muri and I pulled up to the La Mirada Playhouse to see Boeing Boeing on Saturday afternoon, we noticed that the Toys R Us that used to be next door was gone.   Did you know the one near us … Continue reading

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Monday Smiles – 1/28/2013

Most of my adult years, I have been a Green Bay Packers fan, even though I was born and raised in Connecticut, lived on my own in Boston, and first lived in Rhode Island after getting married.  There is no … Continue reading

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Inhabiting the Edges

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the car in our park in the pouring rain, I received a post from my friend, Truck.  It doesn’t look like a good day for the park.  Want to do coffee in my office?  … Continue reading

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The Occasional Curmudgeonette

My wife, Muri, is perhaps the most patient person I know.  She’s put up with me … and my Inner Curmudgeon … for all these years, hasn’t she?    When we are out to dinner and there is an annoying person … Continue reading

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