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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust

Sometimes Older Eyes work, too Bud


Necessary Definitions

Sage – a wise man; a man of gravity and wisdom; especially, a man venerable for years, and of sound judgment and prudence.

Curmudgeon – an ill-tempered old person full of stubborn ideas or opinions.

Fool – A person with poor judgment or little intelligence; a jester, a person whose role was to entertain a sovereign and the court, often with foolishness.

I’ve been wondering lately what it would be like to be able to relive my life knowing what I know now. Or if I was able to give my grown children a view of the world through my Older Eyes, would it change their lives? Here’s a provocative proposition: If I could get every twenty-year old to look at the world through sixty-four year old eyes for just a few minutes, it would either change them for the better or kill them. Provocative but probably not true. I doubt there are many young men making bucket lists as a result of watching Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

With a do-over unlikely and getting my children to listen to my archaic opinions only slightly less so, I’ll record the view through my Older Eyes here in Bud’s Blog.   As you read each post, you decide … Sage, Curmudgeon, or Fool … we can agree to disagree on which is which. Your comments are welcome, whatever your age.   If what you read changes you for the better, I’d especially like to know.   Hopefully there will be no casualties.   If you are new here and want a taste of my Older Perspective before diving in, The Best of Feeling Older offers a few of my favorite posts on aging.

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  1. Cheryl P. says:

    Good morning Bud. A couple of matters of business this morning. I would be interested in your protected posts. (what do you talk about? I am dying to know.)

    Also, I have something for you over at my blog, waiting for you to pick it up.

    Have a good day!!!

  2. oldereyes says:

    As far as I can recall, I only posted one that I protected. I believe in being very honest about myself but this one revealed more about my son that I was uncomfortable having completely public. Let me take a look (I don’t even remember the password! … sixty-six, you know) and I’ll email you. Be by tto your blog in a bit.

  3. Congratulations! You have been awarded the “Versatile Blogger” Award. Visit sandysays1.wordpress.com for details.

  4. oldereyes says:

    Thank you very much, Sandy. I will be by to check it out!

  5. ceceliafutch says:

    Found you via 10 Prolific Bloggers. Nice site.

  6. mamitamama says:

    I have no idea how I came across your blog, but it seems completely providential. I’m 26, but even I can appreciate a blog with proper grammar, capital letters, and not so many of these!!!!!!!!!

  7. oldereyes says:

    Well, regardless of how you found me, welcome. I’ll be by your blog to say hello when I get back from vacation … maybe sooner.

  8. Tomas says:

    Dear Older Eyes,
    while reading your blog, it seems as if I am listening to the teacher who shares his heart with all on line…. now I see that we need to learn to listen for the personal stories could knock on the heart of each reader. That is like hearing the metaphors –
    Thank you for the wonderful quote of Marcel Proust. It’s wisdom revived while reading you.
    This unforgettable statement (The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes) as perfectly defines my personal approach to life and artistic creativity as instructs on how not to stumble on the grieving for the dullness of my current “comfort”.
    Respectfully yours
    Tomas Karkalas

  9. Hi. I just discovered your blog through The Daily Post. Have you heard of the book “The Portable Curmudeon” by Jon Winokur? My husband loves that book. Judy

  10. oldereyes says:

    No, but I’ll take a look. I thought I WAS the portable curmudgeon :)

  11. SandySays1 says:

    Where are you? Miss seeing your comments. Happy Holidays.

  12. oldereyes says:

    Hey, Sandy..Good to hear from you. Like most humans, I can be very obsessive and my current one is getting through 2011 posting every day. It’s been a struggle and cuts into my reading time. I’m making a pre-New years resolution to start reading blogs more and you are certainly on my list.

  13. granny1947 says:

    My word…it appears to be award day for you.
    You deseve them!

  14. SandySays1 says:

    Car 54 where are you?

  15. oldereyes says:

    Actually working, Sandy. For money. So, I’m having trouble keeping up with blog reading. I’ll try to stop by. Thanks for asking.

  16. Stephen Hayes says:

    I just found your blog thanks to Cheryl P. and I think it’s great. You’re a gifted writer and I wish I’d learned about your blog earlier. I enjoyed your current post and have often wished my son could see the world through my sixty year old eyes. But I guess the world doesn’t work that way. I hope you’ll visit me sometime at Chubby Chatterbox where I discuss Art, Humor and Nostalgia. I have a feeling we have much in common. Take care.

    Chubby Chatterbox

  17. granny1947 says:

    Hi Bud…not many young people are going to take advice…I know I didn’t when I was young…we all have to make our own mistakes.

  18. Coming East says:

    Sometimes I think I’d like to see the world through twenty-something eyes, Bud. So full of hope and excitement and enthusiasm. Old and young—we need each other.

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