Gotcha, I hope!   Me?   An ego?    Me?  Give up blogging?    Me?  A fool?    Naaahhhhh.

When I was a kid, my mother would greet us each April first with April Fool’s Day pranks.   One morning, we came to the breakfast table to find that when we pulled out our chairs, they pulled themselves back in.   Mom had wrapped big rubber bands around the chair and table legs.    We’d prepare the cereal in our bowls only to find that Mom had replaced the sugar with salt.   But her best prank was the Bitter Chocolate Sharp Cheddar Surprise.   She took the sharpest cheddar cheese she could find at the A&P, rolled it into Whoppers-sized balls, then dipped it in melted unsweetened chocolate.   Once the little goodies had dried, she put them in plastic bags in our brown lunch sacks.    Like most kids, once I was on the school bus, I just had to see what was for lunch … and when I found the sack of candy, I just had to try it.    Oh, yuck !!!!!  The best part of the prank was that I got to repeat it on my school mates for the rest of the day with the remaining pieces.    I haven’t thought about that … or pranked somebody … in a long time.   So, Happy April Fools Day … and thanks for the memory, Mom.

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  1. Wolfbernz says:

    OMG! You dirty dog you… :)

    Good for Mom!!!

    As I read the first part I was dumbfounded, I was like hey Trina you won’t believe this…

    That was a good one!
    PS Wish I’d thought of it…LOL

  2. Trina says:

    That’s not funny, you totally got me 😉


  3. Liggy says:

    Bud! I almost didn’t want to read more because it saddened me to think you would consider doing such a thing!!!

    Glad I looked for Wolf’s comment…Whew! What a relief!

  4. territerri says:

    You can bet I won’t be skimming over the “read more” button ever again.

    That was a GOOD one! You brat! 😉

  5. OMG!!! You scared me! I just FOUND YOU and I was SAD to think I wouldn’t be able to read FUTURE posts from you!

    Nice one!

    Happy April Fools!

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