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Not Just Talking

In 1959, I was a Freshman at East Haven High School, taking English in the college course.   The major project in Freshman English was a term paper.  If you can believe it, I chose to write on The Basic Characteristics … Continue reading

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No Topic, No Post

Today I received a notice on my WordPress Dashboard that I registered the domain, oldereyes.wordpress.com, four years ago today.  That first year, I posted 107 times, averaging about three times a week.   That was partly because it took me a … Continue reading

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Park Day One

One of the casualties of a busy December, in addition to Morning Pages, was regular trips to the park in the morning to write them.  Although there are advantages to writing at home, I miss being out among the trees, … Continue reading

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Posting Late

There are plenty of reasons not to post today.   The play that Muri and I saw last night … which I hoped would provide post-fodder … turned out to be a hour and a half stand-up routine by a very … Continue reading

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Christmas Day 2012

When this posts, I will be rolling out of bed, bleary-eyed but happy to celebrate Christmas with my grandkids.   It has been another good year here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, not quite posting every day but close.   I … Continue reading

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Getting Unstuck

I am going through a period of Poster’s Block.  Monday night, I started on three different topics for Top Sites Tuesday … and gave up on all three.   They seemed like fresh ideas when the first appeared on my mental … Continue reading

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On Blogging … and Being Read

I know people who, when asked, Why do you write? answer, Because I have to.  Even though I love writing, I’m apparently not one of those people.  I dabbled in fiction writing for years without ever becoming fully committed to … Continue reading

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Mobile Mishaps

I’ve written here before about how we … most of us, anyway … take our mobile devices for granted.  Not me.  As a survivor of the world of dial telephones, room-sized computers and ten pound portable radios, I marvel almost … Continue reading

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Monday Smiles – 10/22/2012

Friday night, I had plans to meet a friend at a 12-Step meeting.  Usually, I do my 12-Stepping during the week and leave my weekends for Muri but he is a good friend and really wanted me to hear a … Continue reading

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Missing in the Morning

I’ve always been a morning person, not the kind who wakes up singing and happy but one who arises clear-minded and ready to go.  The first few hours of my day have always been my most productive, particularly in the … Continue reading

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