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Not Just Talking

In 1959, I was a Freshman at East Haven High School, taking English in the college course.   The major project in Freshman English was a term paper.  If you can believe it, I chose to write on The Basic Characteristics … Continue reading

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Now, It’s Toys

As Muri and I pulled up to the La Mirada Playhouse to see Boeing Boeing on Saturday afternoon, we noticed that the Toys R Us that used to be next door was gone.   Did you know the one near us … Continue reading

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Mindful in the Morning

I mentioned in passing at the beginning of the year that I’d started using a new daily reader as part of my Morning Practice.  More exactly, I should own up and say my  Most Mornings Practice.  Like many of the … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites 1/18/2013

A while back … in the Paleozoic era … when I was doing several marathons and triathlons plus an assortment of 10K runs each year, my training regimen consisted of cycling 100 miles, running 25 or 30 miles and swimming … Continue reading

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It has become my habit over the last twenty years to carry with me several daily readers to use during my Morning Practice.  There are probably several dozen others floating around my office and our bedroom.  I was once talking … Continue reading

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Getting Unstuck

I am going through a period of Poster’s Block.  Monday night, I started on three different topics for Top Sites Tuesday … and gave up on all three.   They seemed like fresh ideas when the first appeared on my mental … Continue reading

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Being Happy

Do you know anyone who doesn’t seem to know how to be happy?  You look at their lives and you see how many good things have been put on their plate, yet they’re always waiting for the next thing, the … Continue reading

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Practice, Practice

I was poking through my bookshelves today and discovered another one of my forgotten books on writing.  This one, by Judy Reeves, is titled A Writer’s Book of Days and subtitled A Spirited Companion & Lively Muse for the Writing … Continue reading

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Monday Smiles – 8/20/2012

For weeks, while the rest of the country has sweltered in abnormally high summer temperatures, I’ve been enjoying temperate eighties here in Socal.  some might say I’ve been gloating.  Well, no more.  A high pressure system has brought us hot … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites 6/7/2012

The first classical recording I can remember my mother owning was a collection by the Boston Pops Orchestra and Arthur Fiedler titled Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music.  It was a typical Pops assortment of dramatic excerpts like … Continue reading

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