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Busy. Useful.

A week ago, my morning email in-basket included a note from my friend, Ron.  Are you available for lunch today?  Innocuous for most people, not for Ron.  Ron is not a man of few words … he is legendary around … Continue reading

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Going Ape Over iPads

I didn’t plan on posting today.  I have the head cold from hell (yes, I am a wimp when it comes to being sick) and the kitchen renovation guys are demolishing our counter tops downstairs, so while my recliner is … Continue reading

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Monday Smiles – 1/14/2013

My journey toward complete retirement has been gradual but inexorable.  Business declined over four or five years, along with our incentive to beat the bushes for new clients.  Work as an expert is sporadic at best.  We’ll see what this … Continue reading

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Making a Difference

When people walk into 12-Step meetings for the first time, they are sometimes puzzled.  They came looking for specific directions to deal with their problem and what they find is a group of people sitting around talking.  Taking turns talking.   … Continue reading

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The Day After

Thursday evening, I set off for my Thursday Night Men’s Meeting at about 7:30.  I hadn’t slept well Wednesday night but managed a short morning nap … cleverly disguised as meditation … in the park and a longer one on … Continue reading

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Wounded Soldiers

Without your wounds where would your power be?  The very angels themselves cannot persuade the wretched and blundering children on earth as can one human being broken in the wheels of living.  In love’s service, only the wounded soldiers can … Continue reading

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Gourds and Helmets

As you will soon discover, I come to the keyboard tonight with nothing to write about … but it’s happened before, especially on Top Sites Tuesday, the BlogDumps meme that asks us to post our Two Thoughts on Tuesday.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Fifty-Four Years Later

At fourteen, when I started high school, I was bright and popular, popular in the sense that everyone knew me and most liked me.   At school, I hung around with the smart kids and was elected to class offices. My … Continue reading

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Mores and Moods

When it comes to non-fiction, I almost always have multiple books going at once.  Four or five isn’t unheard of.  Partly, that’s because of the kind of non-fiction I read … inspirational … psychology … self-help … spirituality.  These genres … Continue reading

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Thinking About Thinking

In my vocation (engineering) and my avocation (writing), thinking is a highly prized ability.   On the spiritual side of my life, it gets mixed reviews.   There are people who believe thinking gets in the way of grasping the 12 Steps.   … Continue reading

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