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Not Just Talking

In 1959, I was a Freshman at East Haven High School, taking English in the college course.   The major project in Freshman English was a term paper.  If you can believe it, I chose to write on The Basic Characteristics … Continue reading

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Now, It’s Toys

As Muri and I pulled up to the La Mirada Playhouse to see Boeing Boeing on Saturday afternoon, we noticed that the Toys R Us that used to be next door was gone.   Did you know the one near us … Continue reading

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Inhabiting the Edges

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the car in our park in the pouring rain, I received a post from my friend, Truck.  It doesn’t look like a good day for the park.  Want to do coffee in my office?  … Continue reading

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This week, my favorite morning sports talk show guy, Colin Cowherd, was commenting on the interview of Lance Armstrong by Oprah Winfrey that will air later today.  The media publicity machine has been working overtime to leak just enough information … Continue reading

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So here it is, Top Sites Tuesday, the day on which  we offer Two Thoughts on Tuesday.  Last week, what with the holidays, I didn’t even notice it was Tuesday, so I missed out.  And this week, I am really … Continue reading

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Park Day One

One of the casualties of a busy December, in addition to Morning Pages, was regular trips to the park in the morning to write them.  Although there are advantages to writing at home, I miss being out among the trees, … Continue reading

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It’s likely that anyone who’s ever owned a Windows PC has noticed that over time, it seems to run slower and slower.   Sometimes, that’s due to viruses and spyware, but even with a good spyware catcher in place, it happens.  … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites 12/21/2012

So, you probably know that according to certain sources, today is the latest end of the world.  The Huffington Post tells us that the Mayan apocalypse predictions arise from a misunderstanding of the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar, which wraps … Continue reading

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Can’t We Wait?

Today I opened my Facebook page to find an anti-gun control post claiming, among other things, that gun control was responsible for the rise of the Third Reich.   This is an argument so ludicrous that the pro-Second Amendment website, GunCite, … Continue reading

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I knew something was wrong when I tuned my car radio to the local sports talk station and the hosts were talking about gun control.   It’s never a good thing when the sports guys are talking about something that really … Continue reading

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