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Inhabiting the Edges

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the car in our park in the pouring rain, I received a post from my friend, Truck.  It doesn’t look like a good day for the park.  Want to do coffee in my office?  … Continue reading

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No Topic, No Post

Today I received a notice on my WordPress Dashboard that I registered the domain, oldereyes.wordpress.com, four years ago today.  That first year, I posted 107 times, averaging about three times a week.   That was partly because it took me a … Continue reading

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Making (Brain) Waves

In the 1950s, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced a meditation technique in India termed Transcendental Meditation, so-called because its practice was said to transcend normal thought processes to a higher state of consciousness.   Although initially taught as a spiritual or … Continue reading

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Resolutions 2013

For many years, I’ve been something of a self-improvement junkie.  I believe that introspection is good for the soul and that identifying areas that could stand some improvement (sometimes known as finding Defects of Character) should be part of a … Continue reading

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The Season

You’d think that after sixty-eight years on this planet, the holidays … in our house, Christmakkah … would no longer be able to sneak up on me, especially with decorations going up in the stores right after Halloween.  But Monday, … Continue reading

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A friend recently told me that she owed some people an apology because she got angry at them in the course of a discussion.  I told her that I don’t think we owe anyone an apology just for getting angry.  … Continue reading

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The Day After

Thursday evening, I set off for my Thursday Night Men’s Meeting at about 7:30.  I hadn’t slept well Wednesday night but managed a short morning nap … cleverly disguised as meditation … in the park and a longer one on … Continue reading

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One Word

A few weeks ago, my grandson, Maddux, came home from kindergarten with an interesting homework assignment.   When I was a kid, kindergarten was coloring and blocks and maybe a little clay.  Maddux’s homework was to describe each member in his … Continue reading

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Choosing to Believe 2012

I am taking a short break from posting but I thought I’d repost a few favorites from the days when I only had a half a dozen views a day.  This post from August of 2009 talks about my approach … Continue reading

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Taking a Break

There’s an old meditation saw that I haven’t been able to track down that goes something like this:  Everyone should meditate for at least twenty minutes a day except when they’re busy … then they need thirty minutes.   It’s a … Continue reading

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