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Not Just Talking

In 1959, I was a Freshman at East Haven High School, taking English in the college course.   The major project in Freshman English was a term paper.  If you can believe it, I chose to write on The Basic Characteristics … Continue reading

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Me and Stephen

I haven’t been reading enough.  No, make that: I haven’t been reading at all … unless you count proof-reading my own posts.  I haven’t been reading non-fiction.  I haven’t been reading fiction.  I haven’t been reading my favorite blogs.  It … Continue reading

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Funny Books

When I was kid we liked Funny Books.  That meant comic books just as it meant the Sunday comics when we said we wanted to read the Funny Papers.   Comic books weren’t out and out banned in our house but … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites 3/4/2011

Monday, after I’d finished my Morning Pages in the park, I called my wife to see what she had planned.  She had errands to run.  That is different than us having errands.   Us having errands to run means specific places … Continue reading

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